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....the tarrier close to tears and talking about how he hasn’t spoke to his family in days.  Absolutely fucking priceless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

celtic went to Dubai for a couple of pints by the pool and they have come back with 2 cases of corona.

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Good call IMO, points out we're still in Europe doing well get the panel to agree we have a shout at going through. Then tires to point out that we are probably going to have SG for two more years before worrying about a replacement.


Should hopoefully get a bite where a manky comes on and cries about it and how we shouldn't be in europe because of 2012.

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4 minutes ago, the old guard said:

Any cunt mentioned klimalas elbow and the compliance officer? Or are we back to rules for Alfie and rules for everyone else. 

No mention when looking at BBC website . On the scum page , absolutely no analysis so far . Will they look at the penalty Livy should have had or the offside goal from the  scum 

Rangers page . Analysis on Sheep sending off , the scum game and our goal against Motherwell being offside . 

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4 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

Willing to bet the poster was on to dig them up and we were about to get a large GIFUY . And they just cut him off 

That’s what I thought. They must have a 10 second delay to stop swearing etc. He said something like “I know there’s a lot of celtic  fans out there and...”. Was blatantly going to say get it right fucking up them 😂

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There is no point continuing to listen to this show. They refuse to talk about pertinent matters. i.e. Klamala's elbow is identical to Morelos yet no discussion even when a tarrier caller brought it up.

I'll listen to the quiz then I'm  off to do something more worthwhile. The show is so irritating.

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