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....the tarrier close to tears and talking about how he hasn’t spoke to his family in days.  Absolutely fucking priceless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

celtic went to Dubai for a couple of pints by the pool and they have come back with 2 cases of corona.

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3 minutes ago, Rowley Birkin said:

im guessing you just listened the youtube clip on the show he really makes an arse of himself

I listened to it, i think he was at the wind up. He'd not be the first to do it, surprised if anyone believed it.

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4 hours ago, Scottywellhousetb said:

At work today myself and the majority bears were talking about the madness of last night and being just glad we got the win, discussed Sunday and how important it is to keep winning,* tarriers were talking in the office adjacent to ours* and it was all pure raging bullshit about if this and if that they can still win the league, we ended up talking about our celebration plans and where fireworks etc would be set off, they are all a special breed of hurting fenian bastards and I'm** absolutely swimming in their hurt**. 

* sleekit huddle. 
 ** doing backstroke so the ceegar doesn't get wet.

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