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....the tarrier close to tears and talking about how he hasn’t spoke to his family in days.  Absolutely fucking priceless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

celtic went to Dubai for a couple of pints by the pool and they have come back with 2 cases of corona.

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28 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

No doing a good job then because they’ve absolutely hammered the tarriers all season 


Any time iv watched it Kyle has got stuck into Sultic and Slaney hasn’t been complimentary either .

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1 minute ago, One Jock Wallace said:

Said the man who was in The Records pocket & went out of your way defending the indefensible. 

I was? They didn't do a great job of getting me to toe the party line then. Halliday's already quickly making himself look like a jump the dyke. He'll be learning the rebels from his wee pals Si and Slaney next.

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16 minutes ago, JWAC said:

Has anyone asked whether it's because scotland has Alfie tarred as the boogeyman that he got booked for diving?

Crocker even said himself during the commentary, which is ironic considering how much that fat prick mentions him

Crocker and Wanker are so bias it’s beyond parody. 

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