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7 hours ago, esquire8 said:

Nah he just wasted time. Talks so slow you think he is having a stroke. Get the phoned going tonto!!!!

I'm missing Duncan, he's energetic and steers a tight ship. Hope he has some quality time off and comes back refreshed for 56

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Change of CEO

Clear out of manager and backroom staff

Contracts no renewed

Have said it before but looks like The Bunnet is shaping up to offload that lot across the city.

Has Big Ange been on the cards all along and the filth will become nothing but Man City development team.

If Man City ground is the Ethiad will this make the glitter dome "The Mhankihad"

Enquiring minds want to know. :mutley:

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21 hours ago, Lord Lockin said:

Rae pissing me off - they got put out the cup with their biggest rivals - shitebag say fuckin Rangers


Mental something like this pisses people off 

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3 hours ago, Dickie said:

Government stepped in due to mental health issues and cut it to 1 hour also issued a helpline number for scum fans with suicidal thoughts 116 123.

Can get straight through and no waiting if they just dial #55. It’s the hotline mate. 

Dickie likes this
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