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9 minutes ago, Rowley Birkin said:

oh he knew all right theres no chance your in scottish football for 50 years and friends with the whites and kellys with countless exclusives from the piggery during that time and not even get a sniff of anything about it

shug knows

One of their complicit strategically placed mouthpieces.

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1 hour ago, TheJacketRFC said:

Expect better from Halliday. He tried to throw Alfie under a bus tonight and Mark Wilson jumping in slaughtering Alfie also saying we thought he turned a corner etc. 

Morelos has done fucking nothing wrong as far as the support and media know. Any issues that Alfredo has with Rangers will be dealt with by Rangers.

Halliday had him fucking sold tonight and on a flight to Porto.

Halliday in being a prick shocker, listening too much to his wee tarrier co hosts on open goal or maybe his rat mate Scott Allan 

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28 minutes ago, Hadron Collider said:

Was Halloween Halliday not saying Veerman to Rangers was a done deal at one point? 

A pal of mine told me he said something about Veerman during some COD stream or something.

We can all relate to wee Andy, growing up loving the club and finally playing for us, etc, but my God he talks some pish these days.

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1 hour ago, ZZed said:

I am split on Alex Rae, I don't know if he believes what he is saying or if he is kind of in a dead pan way building them up, to stick the knife in when they crash and burn.

He's saying what he needs to say to appease his taig masters and keep his job. 

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