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1 hour ago, SkylineBlue said:

What's this poisonous atmosphere patter? Are the real bitter ones amongst them now making up sectarian fantasies to cover for the fact they got beat?

It’s called clutching at straws .

Its all they have mate .

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47 minutes ago, CrawfordRfc said:

Paul was in some real pain. It was smash and grab and we’re skint as well. 
Ange has done an amazing job. Amassing 6 points in 4 games and their worst start in 14 seasons.
The tears are fucking delightful. 

He was a real comedy turn in his own mind also said Davis & Kamara were missing.

Sitting at the lights laughing my head off at that moon unit 🤣

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If I hadn't been able to see the game and was just listening to that pish on way home from my work in an underground bunker I would be thinking we got absolutely fucked. Even seeing the score, the way they are talking its like Brechin beating man u in a euro qaulifier.  mentals

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The other cracker was Callum McGregor plays 60 games a season for four years  and is near burn out yet a 36 year old has played as many and been a standout in most at home and in Europe.

Norm Irns finest pensioner outshines Semtex starlet shocker but was annonymous in influence of passes and tackles today  according to the wallopers.

I Reckon  we'd best get £2 million for SD to keep us afloat .😁


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36 minutes ago, Thermopylae said:

A few mentions today that the winners of the first OF game usually wins the league does anyone know what the stat is?

From the top of my head 1997, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2011 are the only times the league hasn’t been won after the opener.

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39 minutes ago, Thermopylae said:

Tim caller talking about us throwing rolled up sheets of paper at hart you honestly couldn't make it up 😀

There were a few greetin in the match thread as well about this.

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1 hour ago, Tiger Shaw said:

I have an uncle called Frank the wank, stayed with us for a few years, when I was about 9 I beat him at solders (wee plastic solder figures that you would ping an elastic band and knock each other’s solders down) cunt never took defeat well and slapped me, about an hour later he was in the kitchen washing dishes and I sneaked up on him and rattled him across the back with an iron poker from the coal fire, Frank the wank never laid a finger on me again 🤣

I agree mate all franks are indeed wanks 

Well fuckin done .


I had hundreds of those wee soldiers ,has many an hour of fun .

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