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2 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

Why would they even think of that though ,He wasn’t even part of the squad and was still on holiday in august .


He strung them along for weeks.

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21 minutes ago, Rowley Birkin said:

fucking mhank just said that he never seen the Rangers game but we won on a dodgy decision and that why we need VAR

also now shoo wants VAR but was vehemently against it when they where winning and getting every decision going :hmmm:

They're probably trying to deflect from the fact that their winner came from  the "George Michael tribute act" , that shouldn't even have been on the park let alone score their winner. 

5th foul before he was booked! then had another one thereafter. Should have been long gone before then, so fuck they scummy pricks! :confused::rangers:

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5 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Scum supporter says it wisnae a sending off a Rangers were rotten 

It has to be true then.


What a joy he was. 

Said the ref should have given a yellow and if it was a red it could have been upgraded after the match :lol:

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