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10 minutes ago, JCDBigBear said:

Stop listening to this programme and stop phoning in.  It's utter rubbish and you all know how the programme will go so why bother.

Exactly , the IQ of the callers is embarrassing stoped listening years ago when they overloaded the panel with the usual thick micks and apologetic bluenoses

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Didn't want to start a new thread but at what point is Tam Mcmanus not bringing the game into disrepute with his comments about how nick Walsh had a previous incident in his mind when he sent off Porteous for a tackle on Borna. The cunt hasn't stopped going on about the challenge. They make Porteous out to be some kind of Maldini. I think sometimes he thinks he is too. He is a decent young player but this element of his game has to go 

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14 hours ago, Laudrup1984 said:

Clearly not watched any of our games or even listened to the caller.

Guy calls up to compliment Alfie's hold up and link up play. Point ignored and scripted sturgeonesque pre planned Alfie negative response given by Shug.

Morelos' hold up play and link up play at times is fantastic.

To be fair plenty on here cant acknowledge how important Alfie's play outside the box is for us:ang:

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1 hour ago, Prso's headband said:

I find it incredible that the narrative has already changed to whataboutery and that Rangers fans have a problem with Porteous. Nobody has mentioned he’s done this against cellic, Aberdeen and Hearts in recent years. 

The question should be why is it his 4th red card of his career when his career highlights show at least 6 of the same challenges against various opposition. 

Maybe the question should be how can Hibs and Ryan Porteous deal with his over the ball and dangerous challenges, perhaps he should open his eyes first



He is an out and out thug. 

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1 minute ago, Nk89 said:

Keevins went on n on yesterday about wanting a replay to see if Roofe was offside for the goal!

Not a mention of it once it was onside!

Total Wank n the host is starting to show his true colours aswell, used to come across quite fair. 

He’s a rancid brainwashed bigot, always has been always will be.

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1 hour ago, Lord Lockin said:

He should get Rangers TV - will see it's definitely onside  

Yeh, I heard him constantly banging on about this, funny how his attitude to possible offside goals and strong opinions regarding them have changed since Julien’s cup final goal was as clear an offside one as you will ever see. I’m actually debating if it’s just click bait from him or actual hurt as he now openly admits going to watch celtic play as a fan now…

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9 minutes ago, rbt1548 said:

If you can bear to have a look at his face in the challenges pictured, just look at the intent and aggression in his face, nothing wrong with a bit of aggression during the game but that is just wild, uncontrolled aggression.

 Hibs, or the SFA need to deal with it or he is seriously going to injure someone and possibly himself too, looking at the pics, flying in with his left leg every time, it would only take someone to land on it and he's had it, maybe that's what it's going to have to take to make him stop these stupid tackles, and if it does, he's no one but himself to blame.

He’s also deliberately going in on every challenge to at least take the players standing leg by scissoring his tackle. His only intention is to injure a player when he goes flying into challenges like that. 

Think it’s mental youve got fans of other clubs defending him, he’s done it against sheep, hearts and cellic anol

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1 minute ago, rossDas said:

Exactly. This isn't about them wanting the right decisions - it's about them wanting all the decisions to go their way.

Every contentious decision that goes against Rangers is forgotten, statistics are ignored. It’s a conspiracy that allowed The Bheasts to win 8 1/2 titles in a row. Fuckin lunatics.

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