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'The 4th Official' Article - C*ltic A House of Cards As Rangers On Ascendancy

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  • BearInTheToon changed the title to 'The 4th Official' Article - C*ltic A House of Cards As Rangers On Ascendancy
10 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

"I’m sitting here on my day off work mulling over the last couple of days since the game on Saturday."

Proceeds to write an article mainly about celtic. Guy needs help.

In fairness mate, I think it’s really just an observation piece rather than an obsessive ode to the tims.

We’ve had the best part of 10 years of hearing their bluster and shite and so I have no problem with one of our own writing down in plain terms what is pretty much a fair representation of the status quo.

I certainly don’t think we should be getting ahead of ourselves by gloating or bragging about what we’re going to do, and nor are we. But I think it’s fine for people to highlight the situation as it is now.

Doesn’t mean we’ll win the league but I’m fine with people turning the spotlight back on them and showing them up for the basket case they are.

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The article is about their reaction to us beating them, impossible to write an article which would solely focus on Rangers with that in mind. Much like many of us have been posting laughing at their despair over the last few days. Not really sure why some people are upset with this part?

If anything I actually think this article has been written to soon, yes we're on the ascendancy but we'll only actually ascend if we win a trophy. The mentions of their delusion throughout though are warranted and accurate. 

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maybe win #55 first before we start this shite. 

i do think we are the better team now but get another title before we have a go at them. let them think they are world beaters for now. the day we win #55 they will implode and the meltdown will be glorious. 

this article might just wake them up and make them realise what's happening. 

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