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That goal from Roofe

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Fights for the ball in the pissing rain, goes past three, scores the best goal anyone will see this year from his own half, then taunts the home fans with an Anderlecht 'A', then offers a fucking squa

The hold up play was magnificent by Roofe - but that finish was stunning - one of the best ever - he started just outside his own box! Wonderful! 

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8 minutes ago, Tomatasauce said:

That was a peach, very few score them especially on a big stage, Charlie Adam scored 2 of them in the Scottish  championship when on loan from us an I didn’t get any credit because of the level it was at, no matter what level if you can spot the keeper of his line an chip him like that it takes a bit of talent or extreme luck especially to do it twice 🙃

well done Kemar Roofe 🇬🇧

Did the one in the champions league no count? Just inside the half ?

"I didnt" '  is that you Chucky?

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The more I see it the better it gets.

Beckham did it, Suarez did it, but the difference is they didn't beat 3 men before shooting on a waterlogged pitch.

It was simply that fucking good and Gerrard is so right in his assessment of how good it was.

He will fall asleep at night to that image for the rest of his life.

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Just now, BlueMe said:

Gerrard said: "The goal was a moment of genius, it was a world class moment.

"I've been playing football professionally since 1998 and it's the best goal I've ever seen live with my own eyes.

"He collects the ball 15 yards outside our box, he is strong for two challenges, he holds the player off with the third challenge and then he actually takes the player on in the worst conditions I've seen.

"Then to have the vision and the power and the class to score from 55 yards - I don't think I've seen a better goal and I don't think I will see a better goal.


Huge words considering the levels he played at 

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