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That Fight at the End

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Players and coaches as one. We're in a good fucking place I tell yeez.

Our team taking no shit, ragdolling cunts   Things you love to see.

Big McGregor telling him to fuck off 😂😂😂

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2 minutes ago, Inigo said:

So they all lost their shit about Roofe doing a celebration that he does all the time and actually references his daughters? Hope they feel suitably sheepish and apologise to him.

I played with Jimmy Nichol's brother. He was the hardest cunt I ever played with (gentleman, kind of). 

For the first time in ages, there are Rangers players willing to stand up. 

Goldson, Barisic, Katic, Bassey, Culshaw would all fuck them up! Suddenly, there is a no surrender about this team.

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3 hours ago, AdzKyle said:

Sick of refs doing this. One person squares up and they just book both players. Fucking nonsense. 

In mass confrontations that is coached into referee's. Gives the impression that both sides have been punished.

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2 hours ago, BlueBeard said:

Roofe was booked right after he scored, for his celebration I would guess, are people saying he then received a second yellow after the game ended ?

Pretty sure we would have heard of it by now if that was the case.

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9 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

And to think, I thought I was an anarchist for years and yet I was really an Anderlechtist.

The “Anderlecht” sign. FFS :lol:

It wasn’t an anarchist sign either so not sure what your point is.

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2 hours ago, RFCRobertson said:

Above anything Liege were likely being bittercunts that they got their 6 year clean europa record fucked by a "small team" from glasgow. 

Get it up ye cunts. 

Makes it even bigger after Jackie McNamara confirmed that we ‘are not a good team’. 

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