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Touch like an actual buffalo tonight. Looks cumbersome and clunky. For me, he needs rested. He only gets worse when things aren’t going well as he clearly gets frustrated at himself.

We will indeed be some team when he starts to click and things stop bouncing off him.

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18 minutes ago, KeyserSoze said:

Thought he linked things up well tonight. seems to be playing deeper now. Probably needs a goal or two 

not worried though 

It took him 25 mins to start holding it in, he needs refocused in shooting in sight of goals without thinking about it, he is trying too hard to be a team player to score the perfect team goal instead of being a bit more selfish, not got an issue with his play tonight though 

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I think it is far less of a big deal than last season. Our squad is so much better. Previously almost all our goals came through him. We relied far too much on him. Now we've goals from all over the park,  there is plenty of options in his position and we are winning games. I think his work rate has been really good the last few games.  

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He’s like playing with a man down at present. First touch is horrendous and he squandered about 5 promising attacks with woeful decision making. 

Needs benched, brought on against one of the weaker sides in the league so he can get some goals. Doesn’t even look like a £2 million striker at present, let alone £20million.

He’ll come good again, but we’ve got better options in Roofe and Itten on current form  

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53 minutes ago, philiprfc said:

It's not just scoring. Guy's touch and control is such a let down at the moment. He's had flashes of quality this season but he's largely been off it since Christmas. Need the old Morelos back.

One first touch in a scoring position tonight was a pass to their goalie. Whatever is up with him I hope he sorts it soon because on his form he is a huge asset but that just isn’t happening at the minute

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I'm not sure this new role (false 9) works. More often than not, his first touch is clumsy and his passing is average. In the past, he scores goals with great instinct and in a more forward position.

Gerrard has adapted the Liverpool approach but I'm not so sure Morelos can play it like Firmino does.  Roofe seems more that player to me.

In saying that, I still think Morelos is a very special player and will no doubt start scoring again soon.

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if roofe is beating players like he did the night, looking generally hungry and beating players, not even taking his wonder goal into account - he has to start before morelos.

Even if Roofe is not being used through the middle I'd still have Itten in there.

He needs dropped to get his shit together.

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