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Last time we had a week as good as that?

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9 hours ago, bluenoz said:

There are a lot of missing posters tonight.

You know, the kind who are here relentlessly the minute we lose but never to be seen when we win.

Some people only know how to moan. I only know how to love my Rangers. 

I'm having a party.


9 hours ago, bluenoz said:

Here we go...


8 hours ago, bluenoz said:

Get tae. Throbber ya cunt. Yer lucky it's a media site.

 Of course Sunday's game is important but saying tonight's victory is not as important is fucked.  

respect fellow Rangers supporters young man.


Also, who's the missing posters that are only on here when we lose? 

Going from your posts last night the only party you had was moaning at cunts on an Internet forum :lol:

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