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Great not to be sitting waiting, desperate because we’ve no one there for a big game.

As it is, the midfield is a finely tuned engine right now with back up if required so we can bring him in when it suits him and the team.

Great luxury position to be in.

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1 hour ago, Creampuff said:

Davis, Jack, Zungu, and Kamara are competing for the two midfield roles alongside the one that Arfield and Aribo (Hagi against the right opponent) are competing over.

Midfield due to work rate are the most likely to be substituted during games,  therefore most likely all midfielders will get game time during the season and of course if injuries and suspensions kick in, loss of form, fatigue and potential covid,will  all pay a part in rotation required during a long season  , we have  quality cover to slot in  , which we never had enough of before 

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We now have 6 midfielders for 3 positions. If I had to guess the people competing will be 

jack v davis

zungu v Kamara

aribo v arfield 

but then again if we play 4 2 3 1 it could be different and hagi could play 10.

bottom line is we have very good options for midfield, more than the scum imo.



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What’s good is when we signed him we’d all probably have been desperate for him to get games in midfield as soon as possible 

Now he’s got to fight past a number of players who are playing well to win a place 

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6 minutes ago, Barasa said:

Don't know anything about this guy. Is he a DM? Was hoping he might be box to box. Will have to be something else to move Kamara.

Yes mate a DM. Good passer of the ball, good interceptor, very good at pressing and good tackler. Forward and direct in his play. 

I think Aribo and Kamara will be considered first choice majority of the time and then it'll be one of Zungu, Davis or Jack as the other, deeper player.

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