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Next season, if things stay the same.

Next season   

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  1. 1. Will you buy a season ticket next year?

    • Yes
    • No

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I voted 'Yes' (although it felt slightly dirty) before I read the whole post.

I dont currently have a season ticket, I have the overseas RTV account for about £250 that gives me all the games.

If there are people who dont renew next year due to finances, i will look to pick one up.

I think this is very much dependant on who wins the league this year. I think if we win it, picking up a season ticket will impossible. If they end up getting the tainted 10, then I think there will be a few to spare.

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31 minutes ago, Cedrick said:

I’ll be renewing hoping the club come up with some kind of wee gesture though 

Yeah I think the club owe it to us. I wouldn't be looking for something that's gonna cost the club a fortune but just a nice wee gesture would be nice for them showing appreciation to us for been loyal.

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Yes, but no chance of me getting one. Don’t have one currently but like mitre, i do subscribe to the RTV season pass. The best fans in the world will continue to renew their STs, if they possibly can, and will be sold out again next season even if fans can’t get back in. 

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Being a Rangers Season Ticket holder is something I'm immensely proud of and it is unconnected to whether we're successful or what the prevailing conditions are, be they boycott or stadium closure. No question it's a Yes from me.

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My answer is yes, however I am in a fortunate position to make the contribution and get nothing in return ( in respect of getting to see Rangers live). I can understand others may be in a different position. How many continue to buy season tickets while not getting any live football will be dependent on how this season pans out. 

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