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Duffy’s pass.

Madeleine imo 

They could smell Matty's pants from there.

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5 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

Just applying atheist logic here for a second mate: You'd need to explain who made the Aliens for them to be a reasonable theory.

Couldn’t they just have the same natural evolution path as ours but vary forms with adaptation to their climate? Also if they have had a million years head start to earth they will be so much more advanced, just as we will be in a million years

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4 minutes ago, Monkey Butler said:

Great news, but we'll probably all be dead before the moon base ever gets built. 

Theres alot being ramped up by SpaceX to get it started in 5 years. And also got hints a couple days ago when Nokia agreed to setup the 4g network for the moon. Can see a permanent base being done in the next 10/15 years. Well within most posters heres lifetime.

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52 minutes ago, Swally said:

don't know how anyone could be disappointed with that news, i'm no sure what people were expecting

a dead alien's arse poking through the moon dust? was always going to be something a bit boring.

There's posters on here who think that any day now the government's gonnae reveal they've been in contact with some intergalactic civilization for decades

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