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5 hours ago, gmcf said:

Aw ffs , just been watching Not Going Out and he was great in that . A sad loss

Defo. I travelled down to Morecambe to see Cannon and Ball at the Train Station theatre last year. As good as ever. A right laugh and a thoroughly good night. Seen Chubby Brown at the same venue, he was laugh out loud, ribs sair, hilarious. 

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True story from about 25yrs ago....me and a few mates went to Newcastle for the weekend....we got a hotel in the Jesmond area, anyway Johnny Ball was staying in the hotel and had a small camera crew with him, so one of the boys shouts "awrite Johnny...think of a number" Johnny Ball just smiled and acknowledged my mate....we went up to the rooms where we told another one of the boys that Johnny Ball was down in the bar....so we heads back down to the bar and my mate bursts in and shouts....."me pigging braces" we are like that's fucking Bobby Ball ya clown:lol:

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Sad news, like many here, a part of my childhood and teenage years. As a kid, you loved his character on stage, a mix of a child and aggressive nutter. Glad to hear they were still great years later. As I wanted to see them live. 

Played Lee Mack's dad in Not Going Out, and stole every scene.

RIP and rock on. 

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