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***** Official Rangers vs Aberdeen match thread *****

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1 minute ago, DBBTB said:

He kind of did though didn’t he?

Was in the job for what, six months, and then we went into administration.

And then all he had to do was win the lower leagues, off field stuff aside we had more than enough budget and personnel to do that 

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2 minutes ago, Swally said:

you're right mate, it's not part of the microphone it's an audio processor that the mic will get plugged into called a gate

the reason why you're probably hearing it is too much compression is being used which increases smaller volumes and reduces larger volumes making everything that comes into the microphone closer to the same volume

Nicely explained :thumbsup:

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1 minute ago, The Godfather said:

We're top and cruising before the deduction? I can't really remember tbh 

I cant remember specifically but I think we had a decent lead in October/November but they had clawed it back and were ahead by February. I think they were four or five point clear when we had points deducted and the effectively killed the league. It’s a season I try to blank out in all honesty.

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