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The time has come for Rangers fans to rekindled their love for the national side

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Might be a good article in respect for laying out the issues (as said above) but there’s not a chance I’m rekindling anything unless the SPL, SFA, Scottish football and the clubs offer Rangers a since

When I was a kid it was a no-brainer, you supported Scotland regardless of club loyalties. To me it wouldn't feel right not supporting the national team.

I'm Scottish.  I don't believe the current Scottish football association is conducive to the best interests of Scottish football and is ethically and morally corrupt, which reflects badly on our

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In the 80s and 90s, I was a Scotland fan like most and even proud of the TA. 

For me, the split came in the late 90s, the TA became a bunch of smug-arses who believed their own hype, and started to openly show their anti-OF and esp dislike of us. For me, the moment was the day after being humiliated by Morocco 3-0, to pick up the newspapers and see headlines calling the team Bravehearts. I thought f this, they should have been ripped apart. And how pathetic we were to somehow champion them as heroes. After that, bar the 1999 games v England, I couldnt care and it remains so. After 2012, in fact, I actively enjoy a Scotland defeat or humiliation. 

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Rangers represent everything I need for a football club and what I’m proud of with my country . 

the support which now makes up Scotland’s fanbase is as alien to me with their rampant nationalism as Celtic’s support with their republicanism. 

2012 and the never ending referendum question have damaged any interest in the national team beyond repair for me.

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On 20/11/2020 at 03:57, Badger said:

Article is spot on.

Taking football out the equation, the Scottish football team has been hijacked by the Nationalist movement in a way that hasn't happened to say the rugby side. I find it off putting.

I do know fans of other clubs (from areas I've worked) who feel the same, namely Aberdeen fans and those from the far north Highlands (who support an array of random clubs), and most seem to feel making Unionist politics known at a Scotland game would get a negative reaction or potentially spark trouble.

Ultimately as a No voting, Rangers fan (and politics and football are seperate for me, I've lived and worked in England for large chunks of my professional life) - I've became utterly alienated to our national side. I'm sad about that tbh, but it is too far gone to be easily fixed.

Its embarrassing how much we care, and tbh the anti-English rhetoric our fans push isn't returned - indeed my experience is that many English fans, especially the more casual fans, wish us well. Most English see the Germans as the main rival.

Scottish Rugby hasn’t been hijacked by nationalists due to demographics. It’s generally followed by people who are a bit wealthier and middle class, and from my own experience tend to be more unionist 

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