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Zungu injured already

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'injured already'  it's a fucking knock - players come back from international duty with them all the time. I'm sure Borna was the same recently and was fine to play? Were we relying on him to start t

Maybe worth waiting to see what the injury is first. A knock doesn’t sound like anything serious.

Missed out because hes nearly 30 imo

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On 20/11/2020 at 10:11, BridgeIsBlue said:

Don't know what we were expecting for a guy who's approaching 30 and not managed 200 games of club football yet. 

Approaching 30 :lol: 

He’s just turned 28.

Edit: Just saw I’m the 40th person to point this out. I’m not sorry though.

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21 hours ago, plumbGER said:

Mate, I get the rest of your argument and share your concerns.

There's every chance, in fact it's probably more than likely, that he will revert to type and do nothing. I think that's why the club have probably decided on a loan first and giving the boy a chance to prove to Gerrard he can add value to the squad and be trusted to become reliable. I have no idea why his move to us took so long to get done, our other targets were snapped up pretty quick, so maybe Gerrard has already had reservations about him.


I have read that Zungu wasn't the primary target, there was another midfielder they were after but it didn't come through. 

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Have faith in SG; May 2018:

“My priority is Rangers and this house. I need to get this house in order, I need to produce a team and squad that’s capable of winning football matches.

“I want the supporters to skip into this place to watch that team and be proud of them and to see we can take the team and club forward and make it competitive.

“That’s my priority, not what celtic have been doing and not what other people have been doing in the league.

“I have to focus on every challenge that’s coming at us but for us to win those challenges and come out on top of them we need to sort Rangers out first“.

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