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Shame he wasn't one of the 5000.

There are a helluva lot more than 50000 people who have nothing to say on the subject of child abuse in Football. Hugh who knew, has a platform through  his position of  being a so called professional

I'm getting more bitter the older I get. I think its natural tbh. I think similarly Shug no longer hides his love of the scum and his hatred for us. 55 will be gloriously detrimental to his healt

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1 hour ago, sRcFoCt said:

It reminds me of that time Alan Rough had a fucking meltdown on the real radio phone in when the taigs got beat of Kilmarnock on robbie keanes first match and i think we were about 10 clear.

It was glorious.

Weren't the two of them(Rough and Cameron) just taking extreme sides all the time to get more callers?

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There are more than 5000 people who have nothing to say about the decision to suspend Rangers’ George Edmundson and Jordan Jones.

That’s because they’re dead.

Condemned to eternal silence after becoming the innocent victims of a global pandemic.

And the list of those forced to forever hold their peace is growing worryingly, day after distressing day.

A grim milestone in the coronavirus crisis was reached last week when Scotland’s death toll passed the 5000 mark.

That’s why, for me, any debate, far less argument, over the seven-game bans given to the Rangers players for blatantly breaching pandemic protocols is disrespectful to the memory of those who have passed away.

Tragically, many Rangers fans will be among the lengthening list of those lost to Covid-19 and that is why those who survive them really have to see the bigger picture here.

Even one death in any way associated with football is met with one guarantee ...

You will be lucky to avoid injury in the stampede of people rushing to say that this “puts the game into perspective”.

That’s why any attempt to introduce club rivalry into the subject of the players’ punishment is stomach churning.

Where is the sense of perspective there? Am I seriously to believe this sentence has been delivered with official bias against one club in mind?

Any more than I was supposed to believe NHS Lothian Health Board put Ryan Christie out of the last meeting of Celtic and Rangers on football, rather than medical, grounds?

The extremist element among fans is in danger of indulging in a grotesque lack of sensitivity by disregarding the deaths that have occurred, and the awful possibilities connected with the transmission of a lethal virus, because it doesn’t suit their agenda on the field.

Rangers suspended the players when their reckless behaviour came to light. The Scottish Government then publicly applauded the club for the “swift and decisive” response.

But the reaction from Celtic and Aberdeen was to say the politicians had treated them less well by saying Scottish football was on a yellow card after the protocol breaches by Boli Bolingoli and the Pittodrie Eight.

Really? What are we like?

The death toll is rising. Half the country is in lockdown and a global tragedy has been reduced to the level of a local squabble for bragging rights.

I knew the feel-good factor created by the national team’s qualification for the finals of Euro 2020 wouldn’t last long – but I thought it would have had the legs to go beyond one week.

On the day the story broke about the house party attended by Jones and Edmundson I was fielding calls on radio from Rangers supporters who wanted to make an example of the pair by cancelling their contracts.

Now there’s anger over their seven-game bans. What’s it to be?

The only positive came in the form of Rangers’ club statement on Thursday evening, fully accepting the punishment and reminding the wider community of their responsibilities.

That was the right and proper thing to do.


Seems more a dig at the sheep and the tarriers.

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Keevins reaction to Kent being sent off in preseason against Lyon was ridiculous.  He said it was violent conduct and a definite red card.  For him to then see Edouard do the same thing against Kilmarnock, if not worse, and say ‘a more excitable referee might have given him a red card’ was ridiculous.  He should’ve been brought to task on this but sadly he hasn’t been.

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