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*****The Official Rangers v SL Benfica Thread*****

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outstanding efforts from everyone in that half.  i am in awe of what Gerrard has managed to get out of such a small budget. you'd think this was Football Manager 2020 we were playing with these r

It’s great being a Bear right now. 

We have seen better Rangers teams lose to much worse than Benfica over the decades. This season has been almost faultless so far and to keep the momentum and unbeaten run going for this long is almost

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It'd be ridiculous to be too angry about tonight - the only reason we're even at this point excelling in Europe and outplaying teams like Benfica is because of the job Gerrard has done. This is a Champions League level side who have spent over £100m. They're really good, even when off form.

That said, we've lost a 2 goal twice now, and the decision not to make subs was absolutely bizarre. Jorge Jesus changed the game when he made his and Benfica looked far more lively - and we tried to sit deep to compensate, even though we're at our best when pressing from the front.

Learning experience for all involved hopefully. Roofe's goal was sexy as fuck too.

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16 minutes ago, keithgersbear said:

Our record in Europe is superb. Delighted with the result against potentially a finalist. 

Yeah can't argue with that but it's just frustrating because we deserved so much more from both games against Benfica.  Hopefully the players learn from this that sometimes slowing things down isn't a bad thing and the management appreciate that a strategic sub is needed even if winning.

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Question to ask ourselves.....If at the start of this group you were told you'd get 2 draws against Benfica, what would you have said...? I'm sure everyone of you would have grabbed that big time.

Irrespective, our performance against them wont go un-noticed by all the other big hitters in Europe who wont relish playing us.

Stay focussed, get right behind SG and the team and we'll get a home win against Liege and that's enough.

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2 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

They are a very good team mate, but left feeling like the first game, very frustrated. 

How a linesman could look straight across at that and not give a penalty is very poor.

Anyway I think a point from the next two games and we are through. :thumbup:

Still feels like boot in the balls mate. Scunnered. I’ll get over it though. They are a very good team and so are we. 

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4 minutes ago, LegendofCoop said:

Can't disagree with any of that. Someone else made the point about Helander too. Him & Bassey in there and they wouldn't have had any space at the back. Kent was done.....so yeah, Barker would have been the obvious one to help stretch the game. Only SG will know why he didn't make changes! 

Barker?? for Kent? 


did your phone auto spell Barker in error?


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7 minutes ago, hawkfalcons said:

I love SG but that's twice we have dropped points against them and really think subs would have made a difference even if slowing game down and putting fresh legs on . but onwards and upwards we will qualify

What subs would have made a difference tonight? had Jack been fit then aye  i could see the point but who would you have taken off? and who would you have replaced them with?


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7 minutes ago, demise said:

Indeed. But still, a win out of 2 and we are through. We might be in a great form, but we cannot win every single game and not concede any goals at all. Looking at the bigger picture, Benfica are one hell of a team. 

I know mate I’m not total doom and gloom, realise how far we’ve came. 

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Disappointed to lose the two goals obviously but look at big picture we are top of the group. Gave as good as we got against on paper the best team in group. We are just getting greedy if your gutted with us dropping points twice. It’s still well in our hands to go through. One win and we have qualified. Outstanding start. Keep the heads held high 

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3 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

Here we are arguing about not going through tonight when we have 2 more games to do it and the fenian bastards are already out and demanding a snakes head.



Always thought you and I were the negative bastards mate  :lol: 

Astounding if people can’t have perspective on this 

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We bit shell shocked at that last 15 minutes. Not angry but I just can't believe they pulled back the same margain in the exact amount of time as the last game. After the first goal the manager really should have made a few changes to freshen us up.

On the positive for 75 minutes I thought we were excellent just controlled the game well and kept Benfica at arms length. 

As for the group we are in a superb position and I think we'll qualify next week. Standard winning against Lech is a good result on the face of it.

On to Falkirk!

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I dont even blame tav for the first goal (and this is coming from me lol) the benfica boy gets the running jump on tav who was well spent at that point, he loses the header, then a misshit shot falls to the other benfica boy who gets a break when it goes in off tav who follows the header in correctly incase it breaks his way

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