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*****The Official Rangers v SL Benfica Thread*****

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outstanding efforts from everyone in that half.  i am in awe of what Gerrard has managed to get out of such a small budget. you'd think this was Football Manager 2020 we were playing with these r

It’s great being a Bear right now. 

We have seen better Rangers teams lose to much worse than Benfica over the decades. This season has been almost faultless so far and to keep the momentum and unbeaten run going for this long is almost

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Just now, Marco said:

Seems we still have a few lingering issues from last season. It's just taken a quality side to expose them. 

Clearly we were worried about them and there was maybe a little bit of anxiety once they start looking more dangerous in the 2nd half. Clearly something to work on. Results like this are always useful for successful, winning sides if it helps them refocus and analyse where improvements can still be made.

That said Benfica are a fucking good side. They'd expose the weaknesses of all but the top teams in Europe. They'd beat the Orcs comfortably without breaking a sweat. 


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Benfica are a quality side,  but to be disappointed in not collecting 6 points from the two games, shows how far we have come. 

we didn't get the breaks tonight either,  stick on pen, we hit the bar they counter and score. Benfica have spent 100 million in the summer. 

thats how far we've come. Benfica are the team glad to rescue the points from a quality side with great players. 


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4 minutes ago, Carnbroe Bear said:

Question to ask ourselves.....If at the start of this group you were told you'd get 2 draws against Benfica, what would you have said...? I'm sure everyone of you would have grabbed that big time.

Irrespective, our performance against them wont go un-noticed by all the other big hitters in Europe who wont relish playing us.

Stay focussed, get right behind SG and the team and we'll get a home win against Liege and that's enough.

the performance of our players won't go unnoticed either. It's part of what its about. The value of players must increase when showing that they're competent playing in a European environment. 

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The quality they have just showed late on in the two games combined with some lacklustre moments from us and tiredness 

It’s easy enough for us to be experts on how the game should have been seen out but it happens. Long as we keep seeing out the games that matter the most in the league and qualify from this group which i’ve no doubt we still will 

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3 minutes ago, wewillfollowrangers said:

What subs would have made a difference tonight? had Jack been fit then aye  i could see the point but who would you have taken off? and who would you have replaced them with?


wtf are you on about seriously that's for the manager to make but the players were dead on their feet if nothing else would have used minutes up or are you happy at a 2 goal lead being surrendered twice.  ffs i love SG and he wil get us to the title and progress in europe but no subs was poor imo

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Need to keep our aggression and intensity up when we have such a lead in future rather than inviting pressure 

I feel like we’re a bit of belief and confidence in Europe away from being serious contenders 

Kemar Roofe by the way, what a steal we’ve got getting him in 

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We played the perfect game up to about 60mins, I could see us getting leggy after all the effort and concentration we had put in was frustrating them. We could have done with a couple of subs, then we score the second and instead of bringing Barker on, Gerrard decides to try and see it out with the 11 on the field :confused:

Europe's always a learning experience against these top teams and we're certainly holding our own. If Jack and Aribo we're fit they'd definitely have been on but Stevie's got to trust the rest of the squad.

Gutted we've not beaten Benfica in one of these games but that's how high our expectations have become.

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Do some folk really think that we would have done better than being unbeaten in the Europe league and scoring 5 in two games against a team with the level that benfica have by bringing on Mr Brandon barker? 

I'm gutted that they got back on the game and I was saying we need to make subs. But I couldn't see who I would take off for a gen replacement. 

Maybe I'm easy pleased. Was pissed off at the whistle and as times went by must admit. 8 points four games in I think we're doing OK in europe


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19 minutes ago, Raligt said:

But the game was so close it could have disrupted our shape on the pitch. 100% with Gerrard on this one. 


2 sloppy goals. We shouldve had a pen and shouldve won. Will still get through in the group so not end of the world.

The game needed disrupting after their first IMO. But I’m not really moaning, I see what you mean and it nearly worked. I’d have taken 2 draws over the 2 games any time 

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