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*****The Official Rangers v SL Benfica Thread*****

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outstanding efforts from everyone in that half.  i am in awe of what Gerrard has managed to get out of such a small budget. you'd think this was Football Manager 2020 we were playing with these r

It’s great being a Bear right now. 

We have seen better Rangers teams lose to much worse than Benfica over the decades. This season has been almost faultless so far and to keep the momentum and unbeaten run going for this long is almost

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Disappointed but really we're in a phenomenal position. No chance we don't qualify, and we could easily top the group still too.

Only disappointed due to the manner in which 2 or 3 of the Benfica goals have been conceded across both games. Completely avoidable but they are a top quality side. Some unreal touches from them at times.

Also, definitely a fucking pen. Don't know why they never gave it. Looked like the linesman easily seen it on the replays.

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Gutted 2 points from what should have been 6, yet a bit of context.


Benfica are ranked 23rd in Europe club co-efficents. We are (albeit out of place) 62nd.


Yep the 2 wins would see us have more points to count towards the rankings for next year and the scum only have 1 point (were on 5) for this season. Next season they lose 7 pts from the total from the last 5 years, we don't lose any (season 16/17 points now don't count) As it stands we will over take them on the rankings.


season 22/23 gets even better for us as they will lose 8 points and we only drop 0.25.


Oh not forgetting they have been fucked over twice by a team sitting 96th in the rankings.


The future is bright!

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29 minutes ago, Leeds_Bear said:

Both been brilliant all night as well, especially Kamara. Overloaded on the left though because Gerrard didn’t make a sub and bring Kent off. 

Disagree to an extent. There a few players at fault in each goal. And It’s Davis that let’s both scorers run off him in box. Hes slow to react in both. Even if first 1 in particular is a bit of a pinball effort. 

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2 minutes ago, tm91 said:

Clearly we were worried about them and there was maybe a little bit of anxiety once they start looking more dangerous in the 2nd half. Clearly something to work on. Results like this are always useful for successful, winning sides if it helps them refocus and analyse where improvements can still be made.

That said Benfica are a fucking good side. They'd expose the weaknesses of all but the top teams in Europe. They'd beat the Orcs comfortably without breaking a sweat. 


Exactly, hence issues rather than a more hyperbolic term. End of the day we're drawing 5-5 over 180 minutes against a side that should be in the CL, whilst celtic are losing 8-2 against Czech EL-calibre sides in that same period. Don't think anyone's going to lose their head tonight, but the two Benfica games always represented a chance to test ourselves against genuine quality and we'll be even better for it.

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I'm disappointed and I know I shouldn't be. I'm unhappy that SG didn't make changes when you could see we were struggling. I know we didnt have midfield options tonight. We're missing 3 guys in the middle. Before the games I'd easily have taken 2 points from these 2 games...but I just think we've thrown away a really good opportunity. 

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