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Would crowds make a difference?

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I’m thinking playing with no crowds is actually helping us.  Players seem completely comfortable and in control. We are a notorious support and every game we expect to win, filtering this down to the

It's a fair point.  The crowd are on the team's back at the slightest mistake and there always needs to be a scapegoat.  And that's why we can't develop youngsters.

I do think its benefitting us. The pressure we put on players isn't there. We see on TV the benefits of knocking the ball around and trying to draw our the opposition, but at games we'd be scream

I still think it’s crazy how differently we are performing now compared to that little window prior to lockdown when it almost looked like SG would get sacked, we were dropping points left, right and centre. 

now with pretty much the same team we look absolutely invincible. Absolutely staggering turn around, perhaps the players just couldn’t cope with the pressure during that period late February/March. 

There could be something in it.

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10 minutes ago, KeyserSoze said:

I’m thinking playing with no crowds is actually helping us.  Players seem completely comfortable and in control.


I think so mate, and I think the absolute craving to get a title and stop the 10IAR movement from the other end made us even more expectational and nervous collectively in the stands.

You can see a world of difference on the park. Hopefully lifting 55 and having us back next year, we'll steam roll cunts for the foreseeable.

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Just now, gazza27 said:

Fair enough. Would you not rather be in the stands than watching it on the tele? 

Willing to sit at home and watch us lift the title.

Fans being brought into the game is a massive variable change, and why would we want to change anything when things are going so well?

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