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Honestly, what a player this guy has become. It’s unbelievable to think that when he first joined he was playing alongside the likes of Kiernan and Wilson in defence, then the likes of Senderos a

When he was going forward and bursting his balls with shite managers and a poor team he was getting pelters for abandoning the defence. SG knows he likes to play like a winger so he's fixed the f

For all the stuff said about his mentality, if he wasn't strong mentally, he'd have buckled a long time ago (like many of his former team-mates did) the fact he continues to push on despite criticism,

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I know this is easy to say but I've been a fan of Tavernier since he came in the door, sure he wasn't any world beater in the beginning but for what we payed for him I wasn't expecting that much anyway but what I have always admired about the lad is he always gave 100%, he has worked very hard and over the years you could see an improvement in his play and I just felt that he was unfairly made into an easy scapegoat by many in the support during his time with us, sure he made mistakes but he wasn't the only one.

Yes he did have a poor season last year compared to the year he had before but like I said earlier at least he never hid and still tried his best, thank God we never got rid of him as this year he has climbed to heights even I never thought possible and hopefully this year he finally gets to lift a trophy or two, I am so glad for him that his hard work appears to be finally paying off, credit where credit's due.

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I think he was always a great player. Thinking back to his debut v Hibs where he was immense.

As stated here, the formation always meant he left the defence exposed.

Theres definitely something in the coaching too. He used to be guilty of over hitting crosses or hitting the first man with only about 20/30% of his crosses causing any danger. We now have two full backs who put in decent balls 75 - 80% of the time.

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10 minutes ago, scotty1976 said:

I think he was always a great player. Thinking back to his debut v Hibs where he was immense.

Oh god, I forgot about that game. How much has changed actually... 

From THAT period, that team and that manager... to walking in confident that we'll be able to pump/give a good game to most teams in the Europa, and domestically now.

We've come a lot further than we realise.


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Tbh he’s needed to have the type of season he’s having. 

Between the first 5 months of his time here and this season, while at times we have seen some great stuff from him, there’s been times where he’s been utterly horrific and made stupid errors that have cost us in run of the mill games and in big games. Even the beginning of last season he gave the game away against Young Boys and gave up against Celtic at their second goal.

Long may this run of form continue.


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1 hour ago, psb07158 said:

He is absolutely fantastic 

The biggest change I have seen in him is his aggression in his tackling 

He can no longer be criticised for his defending, despite the attacking brilliance only increasing 

I have always maintained that his defending ability was over criticised, his positioning was a bit off at times and still is due to the role he plays but although his aggression has improved slightly I don't think it was ever as bad as people made out.

I think the biggest change in him is his confidence and the belief that Steven Gerrard and his team have instilled in him, not just confidence in his own ability but confidence in the team mates he has been trusted to captain. Many people wanted the armband removed from him, I myself at first had reservations about him even getting it, but the manager has stood by him all along and refused to wilt under fan/media pressure. Imagine the boost that would give you, a footballing icon from your own country trusting you so much and putting his own position on the line for you, unreal. 

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