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*****The Official Rangers v Standard Liege Thread*****

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Usually when a game starts like that and you fall behind twice, you know youre in trouble.  Especially the fact that 2 min after we equalized , we lost another goal and another 4 mins later we equalized again. What a comeback and a great second half. Shows how far we've come when it comes to maturity and confidence. 

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Rangers flying the flag for Scotland again... Normal service has resumed 

I actually thought Poznan were tougher than Liege so important to do this this week. I am not as confident as others on here that we can get a result in Poland if the pressure is on. 

i don't think we can under-estimate the psychological impact of being so poor against a good quality side for a large proportion of the match, coming back twice, leading and then holding out to win th

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A massively matured performance in Europe. 

Coming back from a losing position twice to get the victory against a decent side. Especially since we didn't start well. 

Means a huge amount to rest players against Poznan, well done Glasgow Rangers! 

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Just now, TartanTeddy said:

I really hope we don't - Morelos does a lot of the dirty work in the trenches moving defensive players out of position, he's physically intimidating and will score goals.

Itten does none of these things

Won us a few free kicks in their half which takes the pressure of our defence. 

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1 minute ago, TamCoopz said:

Honestly are you one of these clowns that think he’s pish because he’s scoring less? 

Do you honestly think he is playing well?  Tonight he was absolutely garbage.  If you think otherwise you are the only clown in this conversation.   His confidence is gone 

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Much better second half in the end. Think we were slightly lucky in a way as they controlled 3/4 of that match the way they wanted it to go and it really swung in our favour when they lost shape after they made subs. Almost the opposite to the Benfica games for us.

Kent's set up was brilliant, love how he just keeps going no matter how poor he's playing and can pull something out the bag like that. 

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