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Does Kamara want to leave?

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Don't see any players moving in January. Both league and cup runs are all going well, very likely still in Europe and looking at a couple of games to get us to the last 16 and a title to be had that will open up far greater opportunities for players wanting away to develop their career - the Jan window is generally only there for teams who are failing to offload players and try to make some money before they are found out.

Champions League football is going to be a major draw for a lot of players and I think a lot of the current squad really like the culture up here and the quality of training and facilities, as actually evidenced by quotes from the like of Defoe.

Kamara won't go in January, and I highly doubt he will even be looking to leave in the summer. Wouldn't even be surprised to see him go for a contract extension to keep him here for a few more years. 



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Rumoured to want a move back to Dundee to be nearer his family in Finland.  

I've heard that he's disillusioned that the NHS staff are getting a £500 bonus and he's not. Can PM admin my source if need be.

Also, players who want away tend not to be arsed. You just have to look across the city right now for that. Glen Kamara doesn't fit that mold.

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42 minutes ago, NorthernLights said:

Asking for trouble starting this thread but read a few times on here that Kamara doesn’t want to be here anymore and wants out in January. Anybody got info on why he wants out (if he does)  or is it just rumours?

Must confess I have never seen that being said on here. Maybe you can tell us what posters said this and we can ask them for their sources. 

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10 minutes ago, the goal machine said:

Probably just an ambitious guy who wants to play at as high a level as possible. Sure it won’t be tough to convince him to stick around and win some trophies if he really does want away. 

Since when did we win trophies mate? 

That was the old Rangers

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1 hour ago, NorthernLights said:

Just edited some screenshots into the first post. Should have done anyway but assumed everybody had heard the rumours 

Apologies, I fired from the hip before reading down the thread. It is compete news to me and don't personally give it much credit. 

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Doesn't worry me good players wanting to leave, worries me who replaces the good players though. 

If his heart isn't in it and he wants away in January then so be it. We get £12-15 million hopefully and wish him well. Can't have a player here who doesn't want to be here over the course of a season. 

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9 minutes ago, TopCat said:

I don't think for a minute Glen wants a move at this moment in time. He's playing out of his skin and is part of a cracking side on the brink of the title.

He can go on to become a legend at the club.


File under "pish".

'Brink of the title' come on now.. 

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