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Our opponents in Europe

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1 minute ago, Jamie0202 said:

Absolutely mate. Knew your username was spelled correctly when I seen you were from Hamilton. Whitehill mate?

Aye mate - before I moved back into the city this year but thats a story for another forum :UK:

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We have had a few false dawns so we have had that nagging doubt at the back of our minds and have been waiting on it unraveling. I think this is the real thing now and it is proved by the teams we have went toe to toe with and come out the other side smiling. We have a skillful, hard working team with a good spirit and we must be considered one of the better teams in Europe. Not many would want to face us.

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3 minutes ago, Brackley Bluenose said:

Slightly OT but anybody know what the figures are financially for us qualifying tonight? 

Around 500K for qualifying, another 500K for the win. Should we win in Poland another 500K and 500K extra for being group winners.

Thats without tv figures that we get more of as the scum are out.

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1 minute ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Its 1 million for the group winners and 500K for the runners up.

We have got the 500K for being at least second, so 500K still up for grabs in Poland for topping in the group.

500k for winning the game, with a further 500k if we win the group, so there's £1m up for grabs.  With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Rangers go all out to beat Poznan.

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1 minute ago, My Fathers Scarf said:

I don't know. I've been watching Rangers for around 50 years and I'm watching some of the best football I've seen from a Rangers team. I'm not saying they're better than 92 team but some of the football this year has been a joy to watch. 

Its all relative, but in '92 we had some of the best players in Britain and would have won the English league that year as well. Takes nothing away from our current achievements and like you say, the football this side plays is a joy at times. 

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