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A Rare Foray into The Bears Den

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Hello hello all. Been a while. 

I haven't caught up recently so forgive me if I am beating a dead horse here but I came to acquire a sort of barometer of the people's opinion on the state of play.

Essentially, I would like to pose a few statements/questions and basically see if people feel similar. I may elaborate on my thoughts later in thread.

The first: "Big Stevie G: Media Handling 100% - the way that man conducts himself so well and so consistently is both laudable and a valuable asset for the club."

The second: "The Rangers are starting to feel like the real deal: this is a GOOD team."

The third: "Hagi:  One day he might surpass his dad."

The fourth: "A ten-in-a-row-bursting league title win: just how high up the legendary status will that put this team and their manager?"

The last: "G-Shrek's Gang: LOL"

Hope you all are doing well, or as well as can be expected in these surreal times.


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You're allowed to call them fenian bastards and that term is actively encouraged 

Big Virgin imo

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.      That's a foray. 

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1 minute ago, British_Empire said:

G-Shreks gang wtf even is that

I am not sure on the current rules for mentioning the other lot, so I tried to think of some euphemism. :p I'm just feeling a little guilty about how happy it makes me to watch them fail.

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Just now, tannerall said:

Still working on the alternative words to the "Billy Boys" ?

No, while the police were initially open to the idea, it was abruptly and quite aggressively shut down shortly after it gained some traction. I remain convinced that it's bullshit and a massive double standard. We can't have that "tune" at all, even without words. We're not even allowed to hum it. Whether that's legal or not, who knows but the commercial risk for the club is too great and they have nothing to gain by supporting it.  Anyway it's the intensity and the passion and the sheer noise that I miss about that one chant. It was the one thing that would rouse the crowd and by proxy the players even if it was a miserable night. You could feel the support tangibly. I want that again. I don't care what the tune is, or the words are. Quite Frankly.

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