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blues brothers podcast

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4 hours ago, CR3 said:

Tom commentator seems to be the new host on this.. voice goes through me a bit tbh. When he was replaced by Clive it felt like we stepped it up a notch on RTV but now he’s back on this pod🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 you seen @Junior Soprano

Noticed last week mate. No harm to the guy but his voice goes through me.

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1 hour ago, slimjim1690 said:

Much prefer Ricky hosting this pod as he just lets Durrant and Ferguson to get on with it whereas Tom Millar talks far to much taking up valuable time on a relatively short podcast.

Exactly 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, pcbear said:

I don't mind Tom but it has rendered Ricky a bit of a spare part, there was no need for another body in there as it was working well with the 3 of them, sometimes with Charlie Miller or Gordon Smith taking a chair when Durrant or Ferguson could not make it.

I cant stand Toms voice and much preferred Ricky on his own to be honest. Toms a good Rangers man but i just cant listen to him. I usually mute Rangers TV when he is commentating.

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On 12/15/2020 at 04:47, Rambo1872 said:

This decent aye? Had heart and hand for a few years but they got too heavy on the SJW and racism thing and to be honest getting that from every other outlet in life, work, news, online articles etc i decided to stop the subscription. Will check this out 😎

In what way? I used to listen all the time but haven't listened in about a year 

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2 hours ago, Willis said:

In what way? I used to listen all the time but haven't listened in about a year 

It was when the whole george floyd thing kicked off, blm, and they got a black guy on to tell of his negative experiences. At the time, i was getting political opinion and news on many other channels, tv, radio, youtubers, social media. The one place i wasnt getting it was on H&H and then that came on and i got pissed off that they waded in and had to go on about it as well, not sure if it was so they couldnt be pulled up in future for not covering it by a vocal minority or if it had some implications for them as i'm sure it was about the time they were getting cosy with the club, sponsoring players etc and it is the done thing these days. 



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