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How many of you howling at the moon fannies have actually experienced a title race, our support is pathetic online .  

Here comes the hysteria  

Any cunt who thinks the league over is a deluded tool. This could be a huge swing in the season.

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Said it in the past and we seen it vs ross county

they got 2 really good chances, were unlucky not to convert theme

dundee utd werent so unlucky and did score against us

st mirren just got it right and exposed us for our defences fragility's 

but again the forwards need to do much better 

both these issues need corrected before motherwell because teams will look at this game and copy it verbatim

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Cannot believe what I have just watched. Completely reverted into the team of last season.

Make no mistake that is a massive confidence boost for the taigs just when they needed it. Saturday is now fucking huge, a decent win and tonight as disappointing as it is can be forgotten about, another poor performance though and we’re in trouble at a really bad time of the season.

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1 minute ago, TMB said:

Here comes the hysteria :lol: 

Hardly hysteria but who could blame anyone? Favourites to pick up our first silverware in however many years and flying in all comps and we come out play like this? Can post all the laughing emojis you want but anyone's got a right to be seething at that tonight.

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Just now, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

They're not bottlers ffs. As shite as we were, you can't say bottlers ffs.

But if ever a lesson needs to be learned that we're getting fuck all handed to us on a plate its tonight. 

They're not bottlers? Apart from last season in the league, the league cup final, the season before? Every peieceof evidence so far shows they're bottle jobs.

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