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*****Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread*****

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A bad first half but come on, we can turn this around. Its been 45 mins of bad football for half the season in the league. There was some man that we all love, saying Keep believing, so why dont we? 2nd half will show what we are made of. Its fuckin Motherwell FFS. We can do this. Make it happen, Rangers!

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Nerves my fucking arse m8, this place is jam packed with absolute surrender monkeys, I get that a lot of our younger generation have never known what it's really like to fight for a title but some of

Huge result for these “cowards and bottlers”. Cant wait until Gerrard “fucks off back to Liverpool” I tell you what, I know who the cowards and bottlers were today and it wasn’t our players.

Sounds a bit mad, but i'm glad the way that game played out.  Up to we scored i had a real sinking feeling, another collapse was coming, i'm sure the players were none to happy either. But w

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Just now, RDB14 said:

Not really.  What is Davis supposed to do, play long balls to Defoe / Kent / Roofe?  We need a target man to just dink balls up to and work around. 

I dunno maybe try to play some kind of quick forward pass? 

What a novel idea for a clown that wears number 10 on his back 

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Just do not see us scoring at all

If I was to call it now I’d say 2-0 full time

Simply have to prove me wrong. Have to. This seasons fucked if we lose two on the trot because it’s this infectious losers mentality that sneaks in every single fucking year and there’s a generation of younger shitebag fans that just accept it

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Just now, King Jela said:

This sums Gerrard up. Our 4-3-3 works with Morelos up front, now fair enough, individually he's been rotten but for whatever reason the team works better when he's in it. When Morelos is out, the system doesn't work. So what do we do? Change the system, tactics, personel? Nope. Just use the same and hope for the best.

Yet posters on here were happy to accept the 2 game ban very, very willingly.

Management thought they could do the job without him.

Overconfident fucks. 

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54 minutes ago, tm91 said:

I'll try not to. That Astro's Playroom is something else!

I let my wee lassie play that as soon as I set the ps5 up. Had to wait 3 bloody hours for a game of FIFA. Wee shite.

Anyhow, back to the game. We need to go up a gear and take every opportunity to shoot. Can't believe we lost that goal. Shocking defending!



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7 minutes ago, 16BlueSherbert90 said:

We had Morelos, but he had his flames put out:( 


Need more than just him imo. Fucking hate this lame shite - this is Rangers ffs. A battling mentality and baws of granite are paramount for this league and too many in this team are lacking those attributes.

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2 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

When has that ever happened? 

He will be telling them to be patient and we will pass it sideways until Davis hits it our for a shy or GK. 

The pattern of this game is obvious as fuck. 

it’s a bit reminiscent of last season and where a team cancels out the wing backs. Alfredo not being in the team may actually now be noticed that he worked in the system. Needs to be a plan B 

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Motherwell have set up really well and is difficult to break them down. Morelos not amongst the goals but it shows that we miss his contribution with his link up play and movement. 

Lose a cm and get Itten on, work the flanks and get the ball into the box. We can’t play through the middle we are too flat and at high risk of the counter. Need to mix up, go long and concede some possession to draw them out and create space.

This is the potential banana skin now for the title. Next 45 will show if we are capable of winning it. He has to get that through to them at HT

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