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VPN Guide for St. Mirren

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2 hours ago, Bronzy said:

Got the 27 month plan for £52 (so it’s about £1.60 a month) which works for me as I often use American Netflix as well as BBC iPlayer etc when I’m abroad, they’ll be quite a few people who will obviously not be using it for other stuff so they’ll probably be better off getting a free one or a cheaper/shorter plan.

What server is it you connect to for American Netflix with surfshark

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@BridgeIsBlue posted in the match thread asking for a guide on this, so here you go. There is only one (legitimate) way to watch this game in the UK and that is via the host club’s TV channel – St

When buying from SurfShark please enter the Promo Code : BronzyPutsPlaydoughUpHisBum for 10% off your first purchase. 

That's a lot of fucking about and stress just to save £7.50.

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On 23/12/2020 at 16:53, Rob4th said:

Twice last season I paid the £9.95 or whatever to watch a game only at match time to get an onscreen message to the effect that Rangers tv had detected I was using a vpn and access was denied. I have used it since and been able to view but I never feel  confident I’m going to be able to see the match. I use vpn express and at present seems to work when set to Madrid.

If your VPN defaults to 'auto' region selection (sometimes happens after a computer re-start or an unexpected power down) it will select a UK based server. This is why Rangers TV will 'detect' a VPN usage. So long as your VPN server is set to an overseas location, you should always be able to connect to Rangers TV. I've had the same issue as you and noticed i was connected to 'Manchester, UK'

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Just now, Finny said:

Managed to get onto the purchase section but the TV and audio options are both at grey just now has anyone managed to purchase it yet? 

I’ve just purchased it there mate through subscribe and buy. It’s a 2 day pass though and it was a 3 day pass for st Johnstone so I think I might have made an arse of it 😂

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36 minutes ago, SK Rfc said:

It will be the 2 day option mate, if it was a 3 day pass it would give you access to the tarrier game as well 👍🏼

Looks like RTV have cottoned on to the fact that buying the 3 Day Unlimited Pass would get you this afternoons game plus the OF game and have changed it to a 2 day pass.

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1 hour ago, SK Rfc said:

Anyone know how to Chromecast through Rangers tv? I’ve got the hibs game on just now but there’s no option to cast it 

I'm having issues using Chromecast to put it on my TV.

I've got my VPN sorted and its playing fine but when I cast it RTV recognises i'm in the UK and stops the coverage.

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