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*****The Official Rangers v Hibs Match Thread*****

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You love to see it

Fucking massive 3 points, horrendous conditions, not at our best and against a team that have ruined many a weekend for me, absolutely delighted with the result   

Boyd by the end of Sky’s coverage today   

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7 minutes ago, King Jela said:

How Ryan Kent lasts the whole 90 minutes in any game these days is beyond me, today was shocking though. 

He was absolutely dire. 

If Jones stops acting like a mongo and grows up maybe Kent will get a rest and a chance to recharge his batteries.

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1 minute ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

Used to be obstruction, not seen one in ages though, certainly not in the penalty box

Unless they removed the indirect freekick rule for in the box aside from passbacks

Aye, i have something in my head that says they have taken the indirect free kick out the game in the penalty box.

Or is it out the game entirely? Not sure if they still give them outside the box.

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1 minute ago, They Gnu said:

Still way to many crosses coming into our box, from both wings.

Absolutely. Really don’t know what’s happened to us recently. We look nowhere near as solid. Tav seems to have lost a fair bit of sharpness/confidence, too.

Great result but we have a couple of concerns that we need to sort out.

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1 minute ago, ThenNowForever said:

In a way I’m happier seeing us see out that one nil rather than a three nil stroll - in hindsight! Shows bottle. Massive win that

With any luck, the St Boo debacle and the hard fought wins against Motherwell and today is our dodgy spell that every team goes through at some point in a season. Another chance, not only for revenge but to get back on form against St Boo come Wednesday.

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My problem with Kent is that if he just hit it up the line and tried to get onto he'd get more luck I reckon.

It's this constant stopping the play dead with a cut back or stepover then the opposition get back into shape that absolute depresses me with Kent just now.

He's quick enough but he attempts his easily read tricks too early which the defenders see coming so they then step back to get a yard on him and get to the ball before Kent. His tricks slow him down more often then not so just be direct and use the momentum of the attack.


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6 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Ryan Kent in our team is there to score goals and create.

1 goal in 21.

”works hard, “draws players away”, “needs a rest”

Complete pish - excuse after excuse for a guy, bar 6 weeks, has been average at best.

He’s also now hiding in games which is unacceptable.

Contributed the square root of 0 and as he often does lost the ball just inside the Hibs half that could have led to a Hibs goal. We need some competition for Kent ASAP.

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