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Average rangers players you loved

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Stuart Munro - he was reliable and safe and worked like a Trojan in a team full of stars.

Alex Cleland, 600k for him and Gary bollan I’m sure combined , went on to be first choice right back for a few very successful years , needles to say coz he came from Utd for little money he was shite

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Used to love watching Willie Mathieson iand Jim Denny in the reserves at Ibrox (which was quite often). 

Willie Mathieson was a great player, and a hero of Barcelona  but had a lot of competition for the full back position so often dropped out the first team. 

Jim Denny never found hid feet in the 1st team, but in reserve games it was obvious he could play at a higher level, I think he would have had a better career elsewhere. 

Both of them were in the reserves mostly with the task of looking after the less experienced younger players, but there were so many times their class and professionalism would shine through, and they both had character an humour, and they played well off each other. 


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We didn't really have that many "average players" until 2011, as the majority of Rangers players before were full International players or the pick from other Scots teams till then, 

A lot of fans liked Ally Scott and Gregor Stevens but they weren't for me. 

Maybe Ian Redford, and I think Jim Bett was considered average by a lot of fans but certainly wasn't. 

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Might get pelters for this giving how he acts against us but Kirk Broadfoot.

Had very limited ability but a good defender that always gave 100%. Still played with a broken foot and numerous injuries. Will never forget him bombing up and down Old Trafford even though he picked up an injury a few days before.

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Bo Anderson.

Decidedly average, like a rabbit in the headlights and/or Bambi on ice and yet you couldn’t help but like him....

and then he scored THOSE two goals v celtic in the New Years game 1997.

Forever loved after that.

Pretty sure he left Rangers and became a full time decorator back in Denmark. 


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2 hours ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Sass Papac. Neil McCann. Rod Wallace. Sonny Aluko.

Not sure if they were average but I recall them bring slightly underwhelming signings who really put their stamps on our team.

Rod Wallace was an underwhelming signing, at a time we had some amazing players, but he done great for us.  Not average at all.

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