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Some Festive Cheer for a Wee Bear!

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VID_20201224_230740.mp4.85f07e0b72a967ae3fa6b7c21f395e7d.mp4   This is Toni, an 8 year old Bear who spent Christmas in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Govan, receiving treatment for Leukemia. 

Brilliant Z. Can't remember how to PM, so donating via Erskine if that's ok. My son (MarcusDaBeasley) was diagnosed 34 years ago, aged 8, responded brilliantly to 2 years treatment & has given us

Thanks. I Consider myself lucky. Was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and a stem cell transplant was my only chance after going through 3 rounds of chemo and it kept coming back. Lucky for me I'v

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Further contributions to the whipround:

@Bears r us & Mrs Bears r us

@Big Al II @DiamondBear @G13 @gmcf @murzo @My Fathers Scarf @only14me @OnslowDriver @pcbear @Rangers#1 @ronniescu @stevieblueblood @Stoorie @SW3 @TheQueensEleven

Thanks, Bears 🔴🔵

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On 30/12/2020 at 00:21, Zetland said:





This is Toni, an 8 year old Bear who spent Christmas in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Govan, receiving treatment for Leukemia.  She’s been there pretty much full-time for the last 6 months. What a rotten way to spend Christmas and what a freaky way to meet Santa eh?  Poor wee lass. 


Toni had been hoping that Santa would have maybe brought a zoom call from a couple of her favourite Rangers Stars but unfortunately the Elves completely messed up that order, and that zoom call is still at the North Pole, awaiting redelivery.


So while she’s waiting patiently for that zoom call, we thought it would be nice in the meantime if we could bring her a little bit of festive cheer (of the Royal Blue variety) to keep her going until then.


And what better festive cheer in times like this than a little bit of online shopping!  


And what better online store than the Rangers Store.  They’ve even got a January sale on!! 


So we thought it would be appropriate in the circumstances to have a modest little whipround - just enough to buy a junior shirt and maybe a pair of Christmas Socks (to put away for next year, obviously) - See below!


and maybe even a stylish facemask! Woohoo! - Also shown below!


So if any Bears would like to chip in a couple of quid towards that, they would be most welcome to do so - just send any donation via the normal RM Erskine Fund channels (or PM me, @Zetlandfor details).

And here's to a better 2021 for Toni, her Family and for All the rest of us too!






If anyone has a couple of £'s spare this would be a great place for it. :thumbup:

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On 30/12/2020 at 22:37, One Jock Wallace said:

Will transfer a donation tomorrow. I had Leukemia 3 years ago & also spent 6 months in hospital. Was really tough but God knows how that is for a wee yin & the family 💙

Terrible illness as you have obviously experienced but good to hear you have had a positive outcome. 

We can only send our Good Wishes to Toni and the rest of her Family and maybe even a wee surprise from us on the Forum.

Still receiving donations at the moment which is great! 💙


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1 hour ago, My Fathers Scarf said:

Why was GB not on the honours list. I'll have to get on the phone to Lizzie.😉

I only know Her as Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. 

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