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Most technical side since 2001

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Probably right. That team was a class or two above this one right enough. Still the best footballing Rangers team I've seen by a distance. Will remain so for a long, long time.

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Well noted OP. 

Been years since I saw any Scottish team even attempt to play the truly beautiful game, but now it has arrived I am enjoying every moment.

Even though in Walter's successful season in Europe I enjoyed the results, I hated the tactics we had to employ by necessity, 

Meanwhile, apart from the false monopoly cellic were given, other Scottish teams and the national squad are years behind in ability and attitude, along with very little  success, and apparently no will to change.

Yes,, we had greater players and teams in the past, but to achieve this in the current climate in Scotland, with fewer top class players and the rigours of incompetent referees, it is truly a remarkable achievement.

Whilst not belittling the players themselves, we now have a modern system of football which has already led to a truly remarkable consistency this season, and has seen us achieve incredible results in Europe, and against the more skilful sides too, and is allowing those skilful players we now have here the opportunity to shine. 

Long may it continue.



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Going back to our current technical ability. 

Great credit to our manager, coaching staff and technical team. 

For those closer to or who pay more attention to our training methods etc, who do you think has made the most technical contribution. 

And which other teams use similar ?  Liverpool maybe ?

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