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19 points clear

Because they are not robots and will have dips in form?

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We defo looked bit leggy /lethargic yday and it's bound to catch up, playin all over europe then domestically. Big test yday overcome..now rest up see how roofe/jack are for nxt week. 

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18 minutes ago, sassaaaa said:

When a seen the line up including Roofe and Morelos , then looking at theirs we were always going to have lots a space up front as they played most of the game with 2 at the back. I honestly expected us to hump them. It was a terrible performance and never got much better when they went down to ten.

Three points was all that mattered though , and theres been plenty games in the past that we have dominated and came away with fuck all......

Enjoy it mate fuck how we played there sicker than ever 👍🏼

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ever since we played benfica we have had teams try to copy them and play a high press and stifle our defenders and midfield from getting a fluid passing game going.

its very hard and risky to try run round players when teams play two blocks of 5 and constantly defend , waiting for a counter.

although our form is not brilliant it is far from being bad. i just think we need to tinker with our tactics a little bit going forward. find a counter to teams high pressing our back line. and we will march on.

a quiet week for us is really needed. just to get energy back in the players legs. especially kent

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Noticed Frimpong went past his man a few times yesterday but his final ball mostly is pish thankfully. We tried to pass past players rather than beat them, don’t know if it’s a tactic but when Hagi came on he did it a few times.As has been said, probably less likely to lose the ball passing it than trying to beat a man then leaving yourself exposed.

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2 hours ago, dougie76 said:

It happens mate, things will click again soon enough.

I would hope that after that result, where we were by our recent standards poor, we will kick on and play the next few games as though we are full of the Colombian marching powder. That was the best they had to offer and we still beat them,  there can be no better morale boost or salve to aching legs than a victory like that.

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On 03/01/2021 at 09:31, sassaaaa said:

Game was ready made for Kent and Aribo , most of the game they left 2 at the back ,both of them should have been running at them. We were to busy fucking about at the back. The throw out by McGregor had 4 of their players on the edge of our box every time , because they knew we always do it.

Changing it by a blooter up the park takes at least 4 of them out the game , giving Kent and Aribo the chance to run through them , I think i seen Kent do it once in the whole match.......

We need to have more variety in our play. If the opposition are pressing high then they will be leaving space elsewhere on the park. We should be able to identify and then exploit this space. Playing out from the back in such situation is very risky.

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6 minutes ago, NorthernLights said:

Heavier pitches, teams playing more defensive, change in attacking tactics... could be a lot of reasons. Kent is definitely off form but I’m some way off complaining about Tav and Borna 

I think it’s difficult for wingers as the pitches are so fucking shite (and I include Ibrox in that - it was a cow field last week). Heavier to run on, more bobbles. Big issue in Scotland through the winter months. 

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