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4 hours ago, TMB said:

He’s a person who hates Rangers.  Calling him a Rangers hater is just putting attaching a label to him that he deserves.

Griffiths takes that hatred to while new levels.  He fucking detests Rangers and everything to do with our club.  He’s a bitter Rangers hating bastard.  

Hes a dirty fe###n bastard.

Having to watch my words as I don't want banned.

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5 minutes ago, theblueoysterbar said:

Rangers banned that fan outside Ibrox who laughed at Lego about his sister dying. Barred for life I think.

Let's see what sellik do about this. If they even mention it I'll be astouned.

Sporting Integrity fc to morph into Sporting Morality fc, I don’t think so 😂

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1 minute ago, Paisley Blue Loyal said:

Sporting Integrity fc to morph into Sporting Morality fc, I don’t think so 😂

The statement:

"Sporting Integrity has always been different from Sporting Morality, which as we've always said is different from Sporting Mortality."

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7 hours ago, One Jock Wallace said:

Feel a bit dissapointed in Connor McGregors reaction more than anything. Don't know why but I thought he wasn't the rabid type. Just shows you how their players get brainwashed. No class whatsoever. 

That apologise tweet was his tweet from months ago. 😂

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1 hour ago, Malvern said:

Sad thing is I felt absolutely nothing and watching their conga around a table like they won a world cup didn't change that.

As for the fenian prick and his post(s), don't really expect anything from them, they are scum.

My mums man is a tarrier and was going mad when Scotland qualified last night, genuinely felt nothing for it cannot get excited about a bunch of cunts winning who openly hate us, itll maybe change once a few of the taig players drift out especially Griffiths, nearly put my boot through the telly never mind celebrate the wee mutant scoring. 

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