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5 minutes ago, TamCoopz said:

Howe spent years at Bournemouth and basically was mr Bournemouth, that’s why he was so successful. There’s no telling how good a manager he really is so would be a massive gamble 

He got homesick in Burnley.   Can't see him coming north of the border.

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1 hour ago, J-Maestro said:

Took us over 2 years to turn that round, no way they put up with that unless it's 'one of their own'. If Howe came in(which he won't) they would hound him out by end of the season if he didn't win the league.

This is the thing, with how strong we look no manager would want to come in just now and be the celtic manager that lost them a historic 10 in a row:

i think is theyll keep lennon and let him be a fall guy since the support is split already, and get a new manager in to "set it straight".

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2 hours ago, TheFamousPigeon said:

I know someone will come across the message and it'll trigger them; case in point. 

it's never triggered me mate, the only thing i don't like about it is the them and us thing it seems to have created

to be honest i didn't think the forum needed that, just my opinion though

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2 minutes ago, Siam69 said:

Just had a quick look there, they reckon the players have asked for Lennon to be removed, and Strachan will be in.

To say they're not really that happy would be a gross understatement :lol:

They're arguing about what means more to them, actually doing 10IAR or the trebles they won in recent years

Already getting their lines prepared for possibly not winning the league this year

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58 minutes ago, beararse said:

Apologies if this has been posted....but check out this fucking abomination.

What a bunch of fannies, with it all narrated by the one only Lurgan Plopp.

Comedy fucking gold



Merry Christmas to all: The fuckin C*ltic are SHITE


Kiddie fiddling,  scum of the earth,  dirty rotting scum Taig wank bastards!!

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lennon not learned his mistakes since he left hibs i recon and only a matter of time before he implodes on the team like a vile little cunt of a man he is.

thats if it has not already happened yet.

that tarrier xmas ad is so fucking weird and cringe. especially leigh griffiths.  he will be a junkie when he hangs those boots up. state of him.

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