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3 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

Depends when the season continued ,If we restarted in July like every other league did then we could have caught them .

It was extremely unlikely we would have made up at least 10 points on them in 8 fixtures. The long break to refocus for this season has been beneficial to us.

They would have had Livi, St Johnstone, Sheep at home. St Johnstone and Motherwell away as 5 of their 8 remaining games. Those are practically guaranteed wins.

Not to mention our tricky fixtures in the 9 games. 

No chance we were winning 9 games in a row, even if it started in July.

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9 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

That was Ajeti wasn't it? The same striker they were clamouring to be taken off at half time at the weekend?

Tbf all their new signings could've "turned down Barca". Only they leave the fine print out meaning Barcelona SC.....


That would’ve been a step up for him

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1 hour ago, hammer93 said:

I'm not so sure m8....it's changed days in that respect....when we toiled badly in the early 80s our crowds at times were very low to say the least, I remember being in Ibrox last game of the season and the crowd was 7500....after our demotion the club needed the fans more than ever to survive, for me that's where the loyalty came from....even our first year back in the championship the crowds dropped but that had more to do with getting rid of the spivs at the time than it was results on the park which were poor also

Yeah mate I get that but we have since proved our loyalty, the beggars haven't  and the way they are turning on everybody just now whilst on the cusp of a quadruple treble suggests they would bin it for good.

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3 hours ago, Laudrup1984 said:

The Strachan rumours are great. tlb will be paranoid out his nut knowing he is currently working with the son of the guy likely to replace him!

Everything is slowly crumbling. Players thrown under the bus captain included. Duffy being a mong on social media. Duffy being shit and highly expensive. Same with their keeper. Their 'best' transfer window in years now turning out to be their worst. All the money they have spunked on transfers. Nonce youth player who they disgracefully backed turning on them on social media. Christie seemingly wanting out. Their greatest bestest striker ever downing tools. The Oscar cameo guy who can't get fit or score. Their Christmas video. Lawell getting it. Pundits, fans and ex player tears.

All this and it's only November! Please let it continue.

That's exactly what I've been thinking too. Imagine the toll that will take and how undermined he'll start to feel the longer those rumours continue. 

Disaster written all over it. 

Lurgan Plopp is a great name btw.

and aye @Essandoh that's one I read last night too. We need Champions League money, but getting Champions League money would be bad for us because from the additional £30-million, we'd be paying £24-million of it out on bonuses and wages :lol: 

whole squad including the likes of Barjonas, Firth, Middleton etc getting an extra million quid each for us making the Champions League :lol: where do they get this stuff. The insane thing is they sound so assured typing it out like it's a an absolute fact like saying Sturgeon is the First Minister and Boris Johnson our Prime Minister and today is Monday. It's so matter-of-fact. Insane bastards.

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2 hours ago, esquire8 said:

Him and Duffy have been dropped apparently :lol:

I’m pretty sure TLB said The Greek Tragedy had a slight back injury when he first left him out the team even though he was on the subs bench and has been ever since, Obviously Bain doing such a sterling job for them in goal is keeping him out 😂

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