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21 hours ago, beararse said:

Apologies if this has been posted....but check out this fucking abomination.

What a bunch of fannies, with it all narrated by the one only Lurgan Plopp.

Comedy fucking gold



Theres always place for young boys with their commercials, it seems... 

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1 hour ago, ZZed said:


Did he not allegedly admit to dehaving inappropriately towards young player(s) when he was manager of Hibs involving Jim MacCafferty that went over the line (touching).

Put in down to high jinks but realised how it could be viewed now. 

Ideal candidate with their history... 

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This is a real “asking for a friend”

A mate of mine he’s a taig but pretty moderate ,the type you can actually talk about the game without actually wanting strangle them .Well his son who is the type you wouldn’t get fed up punching is getting married next year ,He’s having his stag do in Santa Ponsa next year and they have all paid 100 quid extra to travel on the weekend of the last game of the season so they can all celebrate Terry Munro .

Will his travel insurance cover him for cancellation or even just some extra hankies .


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9 hours ago, British_Empire said:

I seen a cunt in a big retail store across in Renfrew a few months back walking about with a Celtic t-shirt on that had 9 trophies and like a wee 10th one half downloading and where I sometimes go my jogging there's a cattle grid thing with a farmers gate at the side of it and there was a sticker with Neil Lennon and the caption "TENnon" 

If we win the league, that guy in Renfrew and whatever wee pubeless waistcoat of a guy put that sticker up will be the first two on my mind, thinking of the world of pain they'll be in.

Before heading to George Square for our pre-arranged title party/sash bash. 

So many of them see 10 as an entitlement.

Probably because they've had things absolutely 100% on their terms for so long - for the first time in 10yrs - we are better.

Even during out 9iar spell, we didn't have it all out own way, all the time, and for night on a decade, the way they have had. So many of them see this almost like a birth right - payback for years of being cheated.

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