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1 hour ago, Prso's headband said:

Most overrated Scottish player of the last decade. 


1 hour ago, magic8ball said:

Really really struggling to find anybody to disprove your statement.

Only one I can think of who would be close would be Rogic and he’s not Scottish .

Both built huge reputations on a couple of good games against us when we were struggling .

We have a completely different team now .A lot of praise goes on our back 5 but for me we defend well as a team .Against Benfica last time I remember Kent Kamara and another hunt down their right back on the touch line about 25yds out .created a chance from that too .Superb example of defence creating chances .

His captain. 

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2 hours ago, G.E.C. said:

Apart from McGregor and Eduoard (when arsed) none of their players would walk into a Rangers team.

McGregor is the most overrated player in Scotland mate, he's not shite but if you mark him closely he is pretty ineffective. Bit like the midfield version of Griffiths, give them space and their shooting ability is decent but other than that not much happening. 

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Just now, KingKirk said:

That's what happens when the scum lapdogs constantly tell them they are better Rangers aren't a challenge. 

All this Rangers are coming but a canny see them patter. Well timmy look at least a mile in front that's them disappearing into the distance. Now what ya bastard. 

Gordon parks of the record keep telling us we're shite and the scum are better 

Majority of the media rounding on them as well (with the exception of their lapdogs).

Plain to see now which ones are taig leaning.

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1 hour ago, Bigdave30 said:

Remember half these wee fannies might have been in their early teens when we got shafted down the leagues, all they’ve known is success, they have never experienced this before so the toys are out the pram and the granny is going under the bus 😂

Absolute fuel for my soul watching and listening to these demented mutant bastards.

Her wee nephew is one of them and hasn't been alive to see them lose a league, I will take great pleasure in him knowing about this loss the wee cunt. 

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