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1 hour ago, esquire8 said:

9+ years of being told this will be the case.

Either by the club like Lawwell, the MSM like the Record, the pundits like Sutton or the social media.

An entire generation of tarrier support brought up on this fake, smoke n mirrors "we will always win" mentality. Lunatics that won't even regard us at all let alone the whole Sevco shite.

Normality is resuming but it's not the normality that's been drilled into them.

Could not agree more. :thumbup:

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5 minutes ago, tannerall said:


Apparently the wee guy who lost the glass eye was reall unhappy with the result too, but was taken in to the Parkhead dressing room by the club doctor, and  a temporary wooden eye was fitted. The wee guy wasn't too happy and said he didn't want anyone taking the piss. 

Door opened and Neil Lennon came in to see him.

The wee guy was taken aback by Lennon's concern,  so asked Lennon if he would stay as manager.

Lennon replied "Would I ?".

The wee guy then said "Aw, just fuck off then  ya wee ginger rodent cunt". 


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25 minutes ago, andyhrfc said:

To the tune of Shakin Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone.

See who can come up with the best lyrics.

Starter for ten:

cltic folding,

All around us,

Bears are singing, having fun,

Tis’ the season of Rangers’ latest treble,

Merry Christmas, tarrier scum. 


They’re gonnae play Ajeti out right

The cunt cant buy a goal 

Popcorn teeth please don’t go

Yer team is fucking shite

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11 minutes ago, miracle said:

I heard through the grapevine the big plan was always going to be Lennon handing the reins to John Kennedy in the summer after a triumphal 10 and a quadruple treble, well the wheels have come off that bus.

I’d fucking love Kennedy to take over.

He was there defensive coach at one point and now assistant manager.

I’ll be astonished if he makes a fist of it.

Plus, if it’s a two way struggle who you going to sign for: John Kennedy or Steven Gerrard? 

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2 hours ago, eejay the dj said:

That is the best highlights Iv'e seen for years . Hilarious 

Mexican commentary adds to the comedy.

Their goalie attempt to save the pen is one of the most feeble I've seen.

I'm still shocked that rhat clancy gave it. He will be hauled over the coals for that. But septic are so bad right now even the officials can't cloud it.


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26 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

I'm more convinced than ever they can't sack lennon. 

They either can't afford it or know no manager will touch the job. 

Their board are in an impossible position. They won't be able to see how bringing a new manager in at this stage of the season isn't going to write the season off, so might feel gambling on keeping Lennon and him actually turning it round is the lesser of two evils. 

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The big games coming up for cellic now are Hearts on the 20th December, and us on the 2nd January.

I think unless there is an announcement in next 24 hours, or a couple of daft results against the diddy teams he'll stay for those two games. 

If he wins the quadruple game against Hearts, he'll stay on for another few months, job safe, then hand over to next manager once the league is over. 


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