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Would love nothing more than Morelos scoring the winning goal to make us champions at their midden, and Arfield to grab Laxalt by the hair and tie him to the goal post to celebrate. We deserve th

Big Kris Boyd nails them again.    I CAN just picture Gerry McCulloch and everyone else in the celtic media department now. “That was great, Peter. You’ve got that spot-on.” “You th

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Whoever their new manager is his first job should probably be to tell lego his career is finished and that he can fuck off. If he does that he loses the dressing room more. If he doesn't do that, that fanny carries on blowing out his arse every week for them.

The great thing about it is that they're fucked either way.

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34 minutes ago, tannerall said:


Apparently the wee guy who lost the glass eye was reall unhappy with the result too, but was taken in to the Parkhead dressing room by the club doctor, and  a temporary wooden eye was fitted. The wee guy wasn't too happy and said he didn't want anyone taking the piss. 

Door opened and Neil Lennon came in to see him.

The wee guy was taken aback by Lennon's concern,  so asked Lennon if he would stay as manager.

Lennon replied "Would I ?".

The wee guy then said "Aw, just fuck off then  ya wee ginger rodent cunt". 





:lol:   :lol:

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1 minute ago, DBBTB said:

They are in the exact position we were in when we sacked Caixinha. The season has been a disaster and is slipping away from from them so no manager with any sort of pedigree is going to come into that mid campaign and risk being the one who didn’t over the tenth title. They’ll have to turn to somebody “celtic minded” in the short term to try and see it through before making a play for they Howe’s of the world come the Summer.

Gordon Strachan possibly? 

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12 minutes ago, beararse said:

I’d fucking love Kennedy to take over.

He was there defensive coach at one point and now assistant manager.

I’ll be astonished if he makes a fist of it.

Plus, if it’s a two way struggle who you going to sign for: John Kennedy or Steven Gerrard? 

Players are going to say Mr Gerrard or John who?

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Hopefully the SPFL schedule in their postponed game against the sheep for dec 15 now both are out the cup, if indeed lennon gets the bullet around new year, we want them playing their games in hand before then when teams feel they have some form of chance against them

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1 hour ago, Prso's headband said:

That statement reads to me like they’re taking the player and management side and now going after the fans.


I read it like that too. I can't see their board bowing down to the rioting fans pressure. If they did it makes them look weak which would be a concern for their investors and sponsors. 

I don't think they should be the only ones doing an investigation. The SFA should, the riot took place on cfc land, by their supporters and should come under the rules for fan control.

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