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17 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

Itd be great if hearts won mainly because itd give celtic fuckall from this weekend, no points gained, another game in hand and no cup

And never hear this bloody awful phrase "quadruple treble" ever again!!

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1 minute ago, OceanRain said:

MON: "That is something that does really gall me in the game. Ex-professsionals who have done nothing in their careers - nothing at all - who have been basement-dwellers in football, and who have ended up on the TV criticising something they've never experienced, either as a player or a manager. Their opinion is worthless."

Camera pans out to show Michael Stewart, stood 10ft away, staring at his feet.

MON: "I'm not talking about anyone here."

Fucking beautiful.


That was good

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