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Would love nothing more than Morelos scoring the winning goal to make us champions at their midden, and Arfield to grab Laxalt by the hair and tie him to the goal post to celebrate. We deserve th

Big Kris Boyd nails them again.    I CAN just picture Gerry McCulloch and everyone else in the celtic media department now. “That was great, Peter. You’ve got that spot-on.” “You th

Oh ya fucker    FROM ARSENAL TO CELTIC: WHERE BRITAIN’S ELITE FOOTBALL CLUBS SPENT THE WINTER BREAK Old Firm Facts 3 hours ago Celtic have recently returned from a trip to Duba

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So lemon will have have to play dooffy next game since bitton got a straight red, unless he appeals. Surely he appeals given his thoughts on the red - something to think about on the flight 😂 Expect the edward incident v DU to be looked at too. Busy week for the SFA coming back from their winter break.

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Thought that ugly French cunt was pish today, has been pish all season to be fair.  No big money for him i think.

That rat Christie was pish today as well, one of the most dirty players in the league.  No big money for him either.

Thumb looked dangerous in parts, though doubt you're ever going to get 90mins out of him unless he snorts half an ounce of base at HT.

Duffy, fucking Hell, just a hoof merchant who actually looks scared of the ball at the moment.  Dangerous in the air, but that's it.

Soro looked okay, but touch of the Morelos liability at times about him i think. 

And no way they're allowing Lennon to spend much of anything this month. 

Feb is a tough month for them on paper, see a full collapse then if not before. 

Cheers Peter and Dermot, well play Bhoys!

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2 hours ago, rangersross said:

Honestly can't express how furious I'd be if we'd just lost a game like that then flew off on a jolly to Dubai (in the middle of a global pandemic). Great fun to watch from our perspective though. 

Yeah I wonder what our esteemed bint ,wee Nicky thinks of this .And the press and media haven’t even touched it .

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