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8 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

That's disgusting from that cunt BTW.. No one has covid really Neil you bitter anger clown 

Only on Saturday my wife sat with a elderly old person as they passed from this horrible illness. Whilst that's her job she brings it home and it's horrific but aye Neil nae cunts got covid ya clown 

I could be wrong, but does he not actually mean the 13 players and 3 staff that had to isolate? He’s still wrong, but is that not what he meant but is too wound up to phrase it properly?

Surely even he wouldn’t suggest nobody (in general) has it

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3 minutes ago, Valance1690 said:

Watching the rest of that there, he is either pished, mentally lost the plot or he's trying to annoy the Sturgeon's/Leith's of the world.

He's in full scale siege mode now, the world is out to get them and the agenda at hand is to stop the 10 in a row, that's whats in his head

Sturgeon's conference tomorrow should be interesting to say the least

Think it's Thursday before Sturgeon does her tv show. She is back in Parliament for the next 2 days 

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33 minutes ago, Negri's lovechild said:

Showing his class once again, the siege mentality now in full swing. 

He speaks of hypocrisy but who are the team who were "leading the fight against Covid" but then decided to put their players, staff, airline crew, airport staff and resort staff at risk?

While they technically worked within the rules at the time they went, they haven't or don't want to grasp that their actions across there and the fact they spent circa £250,000 on the trip but then furlough their youth squad on public funds doesn't add up to hypocrisy? They don't want to acknowledge that going abroad to a covid hotspot might attract some unwanted attention and that people may have issues with it, but then they rail against the press and government with the "how dare you's".


The attention they are getting now is completely justified and how dare THEY challenge public perception. Sometimes we all have to apologise for things that we may not completely agree we were wrong in, but it's important we do so that things can move forward and reparations can begin. This doubling down by them is astonishing and the absolute entitlement from them is staggering. If he wants press opinion to change, attacking them isn't the best way to conduct business.

Sad little man who will be playing the mental health card soon once he is out of a job. Bitter small minded, bigoted little man.

Makes me even more proud of the way we handled ourselves through our darkest hours. We scored a few PR disasters but never on this scale of meltdown. 

Dignity and class. Something they can never hope to comprehend



Well said mate. 

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1 minute ago, AdzKyle said:

Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been told to stir things up with the Scottish Government. 

They tried to apologise last week with Lawell, it went tits up.

They've went for the 2 barrel approach now and just try and piss anyone/everyone off and see where it takes them. There's not a chance he wasn't told what to say today before going into that.

See tbh, if you were Sturgeon and co, you would just say get it up ye & pull the plug, why the fuck would you want to try and deal with that amongst all the other shit going on. And that's what I think he's wanting and what he's tried to do there.

As much as we all know he's a horrible wee cunt & the club as a whole have an issue admitting when they've done wrong, they're not idiots. 

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I love how hes had 10 days to come up with a statement, sitting writing a 20 pager while having a few cans all apologetic and humble, at the end reads it back and thinks yes thats good the whole world will feel sorry for us now.

gets behind the camera and RAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNT.


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