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50 minutes ago, mclovin9091 said:

Just need the club to come out with a statement now saying that he is now a seperate entity since they sacked lemmon this morning and these recent videos have been made by him in his garage and sent directly to broadcasters without thier knowledge and his opinions and comments do not reflect that of nonce fc.

If that is to be his final press conference  - car crash material, lol:duffy::hiboys:

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1 hour ago, Lovenkrands72 said:

Me too mate. My Mrs must be chuffed, only place I can listen to it in peace is in the kitchen so I’ve been making all the dinners and doing the dishes every night for the past couple of weeks haha kitchens fucking spotless man 

Fucked if I’m showing that post to my missus, Upstairs for me out the road 😂

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5 minutes ago, Hutchy WATP said:

Anybody else been bursting into wee random dances like this the last couple weeks? Just me?  :UK:

I think many of have been having a wee jig around at the tarrier melt down, today the TLB one is just fantastic, sorry for taking so long to reply but I am about 10 pages behind and wanting to get it all as it happened. :coolio:

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9 minutes ago, markem said:

In an incredible ‘haud my pint’ moment Lennon has stepped forward and shown everyone in two minutes everything we’ve ever said about him to be true. 

Whilst admitting that one of the isolating players has now tested positive he’s complaining they had to isolate. Peak Lennon - arrogance, victimhood, sanctimony....it’s all on display. 

he is a total arsehole everybodys fault but them the pictures dont lie  andy walker will be barred now along with the media and nicola

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